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Coastal Engineering, Beach Change and Morphodynamics

Sea waves

Research in this area covers short- to medium-term beach change, both natural and man-made, in the swash, surf and shoaling zones. More generally, it addresses the dynamics of morphological change of the submarine, subfluvial and subaerial earth surface. The approaches taken to understanding these processes are varied, but emphasis is given to process-oriented mathematical modelling in order to understand the fundamental dynamics. Present research topics include:

  • Morphodynamical stability modelling of natural beach evolution
  • The fundamental dynamics of shoreface nourishment
  • Swash zone morphodynamics
  • Sediment resuspension by turbulence




Coastal regions are particularly susceptible to changes in climate conditions and flooding, storms sand invasion, droughts and intense frosts are known to cause problems for human settlement and agriculture. 

Research in Geography focuses on the impact of climate change on coastal environments and changes sediment supply to the littoral zone including the impacts of extreme weather, tsunamis and storm surges. The nature and dynamics of coastal dunes are examined as these provide sedimentary archives of past storminess variability.





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