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Service Level Agreements

Whilst the majority of buildings are covered under a generic service level agreement, some specialist or very large buildings have a tailored service level agreement. These can be found below:

Our Generic Service Level Statement

Estates Mission

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Arrivals at the Building

Documents Provided by Estates

Domestic Services Cleaning Specification

General Information

The Estate Office mission is:

To provide, maintain and develop a high quality environment in a professional, efficient, cost effective and customer focused manner to enable the University to meet its aims today and in the future.

Estate Management

The University estate is large and comprises of a wide variety of building types and ages including a number of listed buildings. The campuses also act to enhance the wider community engagement through its access to grounds and facilities for conferences, sports and the arts. The Estate Office operations ensure these facilities are available and fit for purpose all year round.


The Estate Office provides a range of professional services to the University, including capital development and project management, space management, grounds management, repairs and maintenance, engineering services and utilities, portering, security, domestic services, transport, storage and postal services.

We aim to be responsive to our customer needs; we acknowledge that the University and its departments are constantly changing as a result of changing pressure. With the resources available to us we are continuously reviewing our processes to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the University whilst at the same time ensuring the service that we provide is professional, effective and value or money.

We aim to communicate effectively about all of these services with Faculties, Schools and Departments across the University. We are continuously striving for improvement in all that we do and how we communicate with the wider University community.

The following sets out how these services are provided across the estate. Some buildings have a specific service level statement shown on the web page. This document sets out the services for those not specified.


The Estate Office Helpdesk is the dedicated central support function for the Estate Office. It takes around 200 phone calls per day and receives on-line requests totalling 35,000 per year and other requests. The on-line system for reporting maintenance items or defects has been enhanced to provide a simple approach to entering a works request and also provides the ability for the user to gain access to progress of the job and to receive an email on completion.

All maintenance requests should be directed through the University Estate Office by using the on-line works requests to the Helpdesk or calling 0115 95 16666 during normal working hours – 0800 to 1700. For urgent works outside these hours, emergency maintenance requests should be made by contacting the University 24 hour Security Control Room in the Trent Building on 13013.

Estate Office Helpdesk email address:

The procedures for the above can be found on the Estate Office web site along with other helpful information at links to the works requests forms are on there.

The Estate Office will repair, free of charge most items around the University unless it is school or departmental specific equipment, this will apply to heavy machinery and items in labs.

The types of repair work we will provide a service for through the helpdesk are:

Joinery related repairs, brickwork repairs, drainage works, electrical work, heating issues, glazing repairs, grounds maintenance, lift defects, painting requests, pest control, plumbing repairs, portering requests, signage, transport and logistics, postal issues, defects in University houses and waste removal.

If the helpdesk requires expertise from other areas of the Estate Office to support the service they will pass the request on internally. The user will receive confirmation to the email address provided, when the request has been acknowledged and input and when the work is complete. We work on 5 priority levels:

  • 0 - Call out, out of hours 4 hours response
  • 1 – 1 hour emergency only
  • 2 – 24 hours excluding weekends
  • 3 – 7 days
  • 4 – on agreed date (usually agreed when access is restricted)

Improvement works or enhancements come through the Helpdesk in a similar way, however in the case you will be required to provide a cost code. It takes approximately 7 days to provide a quotation from the Estate Office.


This section provides background on the roles and responsibilities of the members of the Estates Teams you will come into daily contact with.

<start_a><start_a>a) Building Attendant (formally Porter)

The Domestic Services General Manager is responsible for this area of operational service and assisted by the Domestic Services Operations Manager for the day to day operation and management.

The Building Attendants general duties are to support the operations in a single building or a number of buildings across the campuses by:

  • <start_i>Opening and unlocking of the buildings they are responsible for including checking the operation of automatic doors and access control systems on a daily basis Monday to Friday.
  • <start_ii>Reacting to enquiries.
  • <start_iii>Issuing of keys for building users or visitors if required.
  • <start_iv>Daily set up for rooms Monday to Friday as per the generic room layout.
  • <start_v>Provide a bespoke service for setting up rooms differently as required, this request should be through the helpdesk.
  • <start_vi>Reporting defects from the building users if required and others. Manage the booking in of contractors/Estates staff.
  • <start_vii>Showing contractors and other workers to the area were defects have been identified.
  • <start_viii>Provide a minor maintenance and repair service.
  • <start_ix>Be responsible for coordinating operations in the building following an emergency such as a flood or other events that may affect the facilities.

The Building Attendant hours vary across the campuses, the times can be seen on the Building Attendants list on the web link.

The Building Attendants are available during normal working hours via their mobile phones, the phone number will be clearly shown in the Building Attendant’s duty station.

The Building Attendants duties in the event of a fire alarm activation are:

To check the fire alarm panel and identify the area where the alarm has sounded and to act upon the details (the fire warden for the building/s are responsible for coordinating the evacuation), whether it is a fire or fault in the case of a fire to check the area if safe to do so within five minutes and report findings to Security in the Trent Building control room on 8888. Then to liaise with the Security team, when they arise, the building fire warden and the emergency services providing as much information as possible. In buildings with no Building Attendants the security team will endeavor to respond within 10 minutes of the alarm sounding and liaise with the emergency services. The Security team will normally be responsible for resetting the alarms.

The fire alarm will automatically forward a signal to University of Nottingham, Trent Building, Security Control on 13013.

b) Security

The Head Security Officer is the responsible person for the provision of the security service. The office base is at the rear of The Hallward Library.

The Security section provides a uniformed physical seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year response within 5 minutes to a priority incident and within 60 minutes to non-priority incidents.

Outside of the Building Attendant hours, security staff will carry out external building patrols to ensure that all outer doors, ground floor windows and other accessible windows have been secured by the users. Security staff will at the discretion of Security Management carry out internal building patrols if deemed necessary.

  • Reporting of a crime or theft: Internal 13013 or External 0115 9513013
  • Emergency number: Internal 8888 or External 0115 9518888
  • General security enquiries between 0800-1700 Mon to Fri
    (Main Security Office on west side of Hallward Library): Internal 13599 or External 0115 9513599

<start_c><start_c>c) Issuing keys

All keys and access requirements are controlled through the Building Attendants or Security. Requests for key cutting should be sent through to the Security Office at the rear of The Hallward Library Security Office.

<start_d><start_d>d) Grounds/External Cleaning

The Grounds Manager is the Estate Office responsible person for grounds management and maintenance.

All external area cleaning is the responsibility of the Estate Office. All observations or concerns of the accumulation of litter or other debris should be directed to the University Estate Office Helpdesk on 0115 95 16666, via email on email address

The cleaning/grounds team also provide a 7 day service for the emptying of the bins across the campuses.

<start_e><start_e>e) Cleaning Staff

The cleaning team for most buildings commence at 0600 until 0900 (with some exceptions) with some full time cleaners that provide a service across a number of buildings servicing heavily used areas and toilets until the late afternoon. The cleaning and domestic staff will also report on a daily basis, minor defects they find in the spaces they are responsible for to their supervisor for onward communication to the Helpdesk. The works request number in this case will remain with the House Keeping staff or BA. The full duties of the cleaning staff can be seen on page 6 alongside frequencies.

Arrivals at the Buildings

<start_f><start_f>f) Contractors, Estates Maintenance Services (EMS) and Visitors should sign into all buildings

All contractors/EMS and visitors should sign into the buildings where appropriate and sign out when leaving. Out of hours access can be arranged through Security. Where there are specific instructions for entering laboratories or other restricted areas all of the above are to ensure contact with the nominated responsible individual before entering and follow any restrictive practices that may be in place.

<start_g><start_g>g) Engineering Services Support

The Engineering team carry out reactive and regular cyclical and planned maintenance on all of the University systems, below are some of the areas you may be directly involved with.

<start_h><start_h>h) Lifts

The Senior Engineer is the Estate Office responsible person for all of the University lifts.

The University Estate Office administers a programme of faults and statutory inspections on all lifts across the campuses via a service contract with the procured lift company.

All faults on lifts should be directed to the Estate Office Helpdesk by online works requests, email or on telephone 0115 95 16666, if urgent, giving the specific lift number (this can be found on a blue and white plate in the lift or on the landing) and the type of fault or symptom of the fault if known.

In case of persons trapped in a lift, University Security should be informed on the emergency No. 8888 or 13013 or from a mobile 0115 9518888 as well as the University Estate Office Helpdesk on 0115 95 16666. Identifying that persons are trapped and giving the location. The Building Attendant may be able to offer first line assistance. University Security will attend the incident as soon as possible.

The procedure will be:

  1. <start_i>The lift engineer should be called through the University Estate Office Helpdesk 16666 or
  2. <start_ii>If the above procedures are taking too long and the trapped person/s are becoming agitated, the Fire Service should be called by University Security 13013. A member of Security should attend to meet the Fire Service if available.

Note: The lift emergency phones or intercoms are directed through to the University Security Control in the Trent Building and are answered 24/7.

<start_i><start_i>i) Fire Alarm Tests

The Estates EMS usually carry out weekly fire alarm tests at a set time arranged and agreed with the building users.


  1. The University Security Control shall be informed prior to testing.
  2. Two staff (EMS) carry out the test each week at a designated time.

<start_j><start_j>j) Fire Extinguishers and Hose Reels

The inspection, testing and updating of extinguishers and fire hoses where fitted is the responsibility of the Estates Office Engineering Team and the works are carried out by a third party, currently Fire Protection Systems (FPS).

<start_k><start_k>k) Critical Alarms

In some departments equipment or environmental conditions may be monitored by the Building Management System (BMS) 24 hours a day, alarms will be triggered should the set parameters be out of specification. The out of hours response to critical alarms is usually provided by a contractor that has been trained and inducted to work on the University sites. Agreements are in place with the users of the space or equipment regarding who should be called when the alarms are activated.

Critical alarms will be monitored by University of Nottingham Security Control in Trent Building, this will allow for a contractor to be called out if required. The contractor shall report the job completed back to University of Nottingham Security before leaving the University of Nottingham using the normal call out procedures. University of Nottingham staff attend to critical alarms during normal working hours.

<start_l><start_l>l) Intruder Alarms and CCTV

These are serviced and monitored by the Engineering section and are monitored 24hrs a day by Security. All CCTV cameras should be registered with the University security team.

Documents provided by Estates

<start_a><start_a>a) Hazard Drawings

Copies of the buildings hazard drawings shall be kept in the lockable red building box located in the foyer, the building safety officer should have a key for this box and keep the information updated. These should be made available to the fire rescue service when they attend to a fire, the BA will also have a key and Security. If further keys are required they should be requested through the University of Nottingham Estate Office Helpdesk on 16666 or through security. Boxes should be checked on a regular basis and a record of the checks kept. The hazard drawings can be updated through the Space Management Team in the Estate Office.

<start_b><start_b>b) Log Books

The building logbooks will be kept in the white lockable boxes. They should hold legionella, temperature monitoring log sheets, fire alarm test information and other safety information such as emergency lighting tests that is necessary for operation of the building. Some of these records are now kept on an electronic database.

<start_c>c) Water Hygiene Records

This work is currently undertaken by a contractor. All records and risk assessments are held within the Estate Office at University Park. The contract is managed by the Senior Engineer, Tel No 13582.

H20 Chemicals Ltd, specialist in water hygiene is the current water hygiene contractor, they provide a water hygiene service to the University of Nottingham. This includes tests, temperature monitoring and maintenance of plant and equipment and servicing of the water cooling towers, chemical analysis and the servicing of chemicals.

Regular samples of the cooling towers are taken for legionella in accordance with L8 the control of legionella in water systems.

Domestic Services Cleaning Specification

The Domestic Services Team provide the normal cleaning practice across all of the areas on the campuses. Any specialist cleaning should be discussed with the Domestic Services Operations Manager.

Toilets / washrooms


  • Cleaning of toilet bowls and seats
  • Cleaning of urinals
  • Cleaning of all floors
  • Cleaning of washbasins and splashbacks
  • Checking and restocking of consumables


  • Damp wiping of all pipework, ledges and dispensers


  • Cleaning of all walls



  • Waste paper and recycling bins checked and emptied if required

Weekly (day arranged with personnel)

  • Desks clear of paperwork dusted and polished


  • Carpets vacuumed or floor swept
  • Sills, ledges and pipework dusted or damp wiped
  • Hard floor mopped or buffed

Lecture Theatres / Meeting Rooms etc


  • Litter cleared, bins emptied
  • Desktops dusted or damp wiped
  • Whiteboards cleaned
  • Carpets vacuumed or floor swept


  • Hard floors mopped or buffed



  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Hard floors dry mopped or swept
  • Spot cleaning or mopping if required


  • Carpets bonnet mopped in heavy traffic areas
  • Hard floor damp mopped and buffed
  • Sills, ledges and pipework damp wiped or dusted



  • Waste paper bins emptied
  • Floors dry mopped or swept
  • Hand basins and splashbacks cleaned
  • Consumables checked and replaced

Weekly (by arrangement)

  • Floors damp mopped and buffed
  • Sills, ledges and pipework damp wiped or dusted

Stairs (Main)

  • Daily

Stairs (Fire Escape)

  • Weekly

Public Areas / Receptions

  • Daily


  • Daily


  • Quarterly
  • Entrances monthly or by arrangement

General Information

<start_a><start_a>a) University Card Access Systems

The University Card Access System is administered through the Operations and Facilities Director. Faults should be directed to the Estate Office Helpdesk 16666 or University of Nottingham Security out of hours 13013. Network or other faults should be reported to the Information Services (IS) Helpdesk. Faults should be dealt with by IS as quickly as possible. Faults should be dealt with as urgent issues and problems rectified within 24 hours.

<start_b><start_b>b) Car Park Barriers/Pay and Display Machines

The car park barriers carry out thousands of movements on a daily basis and on occasions get vandalised. To assist the operation of these barriers any faults should be reported to the University Helpdesk for action on 16666, or Security on 13013 out of hours. The Car Parking Enforcement Team are responsible for daily checks of the car park barriers and the upkeep of the pay and display machines.

<start_c><start_c>c) Building Management System Heating and Ventilation

The Estate Office monitors the Building Management System (BMS) on a daily basis during working hours from the Estate Office on University Park and out of hours via security for Critical Alarms. All heating and ventilating faults should be reported to the Estate Office via the on line works request or if urgent by phone to the Helpdesk or Security. Out of hours or holiday bookings should be done via an online works request.

<start_d>d) Automatic Doors

Faults on the automatic doors shall be reported to the University Estate Office Helpdesk 16666 or Security out of hours on 13013. The building services section of the Estate Office manage a planned preventative maintenance contract on all the automatic doors and will complete periodic servicing of these doors and maintain records.

<start_e><start_e>e) Insurance Inspections

Plant room pressure systems are inspected as indicated in their written schemes in conjunction with the University’s insurers. The University of Nottingham Estate Office is responsible through the Senior Engineer for this task in conjunction with the University insurers. Notifications will be given when systems need to be isolated if this affects the building users.

<start_f><start_f>f) Fume Cupboards

Any faults on the fume cupboards shall be reported to University Estate Office Helpdesk via an online work request or if urgent call 16666.

Annual performance checks are carried out by the Estate Office.

Should you have any queries on the fume cupboard maintenance speak to the responsible person - The Building Services Engineer on 13579.

<start_g><start_g>g) Asbestos

A full record of the asbestos containing material (ACM) that the Estate Office is aware of is held by the Estate Office and out of hours security have access to the records. The ACM database is now in an electronic format.

During any works the University of Nottingham asbestos procedures must be followed especially if there is risk of exposure when unexpected asbestos is found. In this case the emergency procedure must be followed.

<start_h><start_h>h) Fire Training

The fire training for each building is provided by the University Safety Office.

<start_i><start_i>i) Service to Centrally Timetabled Rooms

On a daily basis the rooms are cleaned, boards cleaned, new pens issued, repairs carried out to chairs etc. repairs are reported by Domestic Services Team or user to the Estates Helpdesk. AV repairs should go straight to IS, AV team or helpdesk.

<start_j><start_j>j) Records and Storage

The Transport and Logistics section can provide a lift and more service to all of the areas of the University. Requests should be through the Estate Office Helpdesk.

<start_k><start_k>k) Telephones

Telephone faults and moving of telephone points are to be reported through to the University Telephone Services Helpdesk on tel. 13030, email address is

<start_l><start_l>l) Fire Door and Electrical Fire Escapes

There is an annual programme of inspection and repair in place, managed by the Building Services Team.

<start_m><start_m>m) Roadway, Paths and Steps

There is an annual programme of inspection and repair in place managed by the Building Services Team.

<start_n><start_n>n) Painting Programme

There is an annual process of inspection ongoing across the University Estate for painting. The usual cycle for painting is 5 years for externals and 7 years for internal areas. This said, a number of high use and common areas are painted on a more frequent basis. If you have areas that you consider need reviewing, please submit an online works request giving as much detail as possible to the Estates Helpdesk.

Works other than maintenance such as project work feasibilities should be requested via the online works request giving details that this is for improvement or a project and the relevant team in the Estate Offices will contact you.

If you have any other enquiries as to the service provided and the Directorate and management structure in Estates please refer to the Estates web site.

If you have any feedback or wish to have other areas included in this generic service statement please email the Director of Estates (Operations) with your ideas and contact details.

Note: The reference to current service providers is for information only and is subject to tendering in accordance with the University Procurement rules and may change periodically.

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