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Political and Civic Affairs

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The Political and Civic Affairs team supports colleagues across the University to engage strategically and effectively with a broad range of external partners, policy makers and key influencers.

We help increase understanding of the aims and activities of the University and work together with our partners to further those aims. As part of this work, we want to highlight the many, often unseen, ways in which the University can have an impact on our place and our neighbouring communities. 

Universities for Nottingham is the University’s flagship civic collaboration with NTU, which brings together key strategic local partners around a shared civic ambition to improve the levels of prosperity, opportunity, sustainability, health and wellbeing for local citizens, families and communities.  

The Political and Civic Affairs team works closely with the Institute for Policy and Engagement, which facilitates engagement with policy makers in order to ensure that the University’s world class research shapes policy and debate.

Key responsibilities

The Political and Civic Affairs team is responsible for the following activities:

  • Coordinating the University’s strategic approach to engaging with external partners
  • Leading the University’s flagship civic collaboration Universities for Nottingham
  • Coordinating the University’s contribution to the Universities for Nottingham Civic Agreement, which we developed and signed in partnership with key local stakeholders
  • Communicating with decision-makers and opinion-formers in local authorities, governments and international organisations about the work of the University
  • Coordinating visits to the University by government ministers and parliamentarians
  • Providing advice on government and parliamentary-related matters
  • Higher Education and broader policy monitoring, engagement and lobbying where decisions will affect the activity of the University 


Find out more

External partners can visit our Government Relations page.

 Key contacts 

Léonie Mathers

Léonie Mathers

Deputy Director, Advocacy (Public Affairs)

Léonie Mathers

Amy Williams

Political and Public Affairs Manager

Amy Williams

Jenny Davies

Civic Affairs Manager