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We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help applicants. You might also find it useful to visit the university's frequently asked questions page.

Undergraduate FAQs

I have applied for undergraduate study in the School of Geography. When can I expect to hear from you?

We begin assessing applications in the middle of November. Most applicants will hear from us between the end of November and the end of January.

If you haven't heard from us yet, don't worry - it means your application is still being considered.

What sort of students are you looking for?

We are looking for students who have the ability and motivation to benefit from the course and from the wide range of other activities that are available both within the school and the university.

When assessing your application, we take into account multiple factors including your predicted or actual grades, breadth of outside interests and activities, and any post-school experience.

What is your policy on Widening Participation?

The School of Geography is fully committed to providing widening access to its courses. The school participates in a number of programmes such as the Sutton Trust Summer School which is designed to assist students from groups which are currently under-represented in Higher Education in the UK, and a summer school for similar students, but who live within the Nottingham region, as well as various other programmes.

Accordingly each year the school accepts a number of high quality candidates from non-traditional backgrounds including mature entrants and first generation applicants. We ask applicants and their referees to tell us on their UCAS form or by letter or email of any circumstances that would help us to implement our policy on widening participation. Many Widening Participation students are also eligible for special grants and bursaries.

The School of Geography offers more than one undergraduate degree programme and I am not sure which I should apply for. Can I apply for more than one course?

We advise against applying for more than one of our courses. If you apply for more than one course it is possible that we will make you only one offer. You should discuss your choice of course with your teachers and/or careers adviser so that you apply for the one that best suits your interests, expected grades and career aspirations.

What if I get to Nottingham and want to change course? Is this possible?

This is relatively straightforward if the transfer is entirely within geography, for example, from single honours BA to BSc, as the request will be dealt with entirely within the School of Geography.

If more than one school is involved, for example, from the School of Geography to the School of History or vice versa, then the agreement of both schools is required for a transfer to take place. The university procedure for such transfers specifies that they are best conducted within the first three weeks of term. After that time you may be required to delay starting your new course until the following academic year.

What is the difference between the BA and BSc degrees in geography?

Geography at Nottingham involves the study of modules rooted in the physical, technical and human aspects of the subject. We encourage students wanting to select a wide selection of modules in their degree course to do this - regardless of whether you are registered for BA or a BSc. However, the expectation is that those of you registered for a BSc will select your optional modules predominately on the physical side of the subject and those of you registered for a BA will select optional modules predominantly from the human side.

If you wish to transfer from a BA to a BSc degree or vice versa, you can apply to do so providing you are studying an appropriate selection of modules. You will review your module choices with your personal tutor on an annual basis. You will also be able to discuss your degree registration and module choices with your degree course director at any time.

Would I be more likely to be offered a place if I applied to study for a BSc?

No, the entry requirements are the same for the BA and the BSc degree courses.

What A level subjects do you accept?

We will accept most A level subjects. We do regard some subjects as being unsuitable as preparation for a geography degree. Please see the list below for subjects that we do not accept at A level for entry to geography:

  • Critical thinking
  • General studies
Do you accept re-sits?

It is the policy of the school to accept re-sits for both AS and A2 levels.

What other (non-A level) qualifications do you accept?

We welcome applications from students holding any recognised qualifications whether they are UK or non-UK based. Please see our alternative qualifications page.

Do you recognise prior learning or experiences?

The School of Geography accepts applications from students on access courses and those with experiential and other qualifications (ROL). View more information about the university's policy on prior and experiential learning.

If you have any doubts about the acceptability of your qualifications please contact us.

How does the school view a gap year?

Favourably, particularly if the time is spent productively - for example, by gaining relevant work experience, carrying out voluntary work overseas, travelling, learning a foreign language or giving service to the community. If you intend to take a gap year, you should indicate on your UCAS form that you wish to be considered for deferred entry and state why.

If you decide to take a year out after applying and have not applied for deferred entry, you are advised to contact the school's Undergraduate Admissions Tutor immediately as it may be possible to arrange for your application to be deferred for one year. If you do not contact our Admissions Tutor you will be required to reapply through UCAS and there is no guarantee that you will be made an offer the second time round.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you contact us so we can advise you on your particular circumstances.

How much are the fees?

For up to date fee information as well as fees for international students, please see our Student Fees and Finance website.

What sort of financial assistance is available to undergraduate students at Nottingham?

Around a third of students at Nottingham are likely to be eligible for a non-repayable University of Nottingham Core Bursary. Some students will also be eligible for support through Nottingham Potential Bursaries and the National Scholarship Programme. These are in addition to any support you may receive from the government.

For more information please see our Financial Support website or take a look at the funding tab on the relevant course entry in our online prospectus.

What are the likely costs of living for an undergraduate student at Nottingham?

The costs that you will incur as a Nottingham student will depend in part on the type of accommodation that you select plus the costs associated with your personal lifestyle, such as sporting, leisure and social activities. You should also budget for food and any other lifestyle costs.

Field courses are subsidised by the school but you may need to make a contribution to the cost of some of these.



Postgraduate FAQs

I am an overseas student and I am not sure what English qualifications I need - how can I find out?

The course entry on the postgraduate prospectus should list the English language requirements. The university's Centre for English Language Education website also has information which will help.

Even if English has been your medium of education in your country, it is still helpful if you can include some demonstration of competence in the language within your application, for example, a certified document or transcript from your university which verifies your ability to cope with English during postgraduate study.

I have a confirmed offer of a place on a postgraduate course - how do I find out what funding is available?

Please visit our page on postgraduate funding. Limited studentships are available annually - details of these will be posted through on the school website when available.

What support is available for students with children?

There are a range of services provided to support students with children, including a university day nursery, a play scheme and play centre day care. There is also a scheme to help students fund childcare.





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