Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

11th GEP Annual Postgraduate Conference

Held on 26th and 27th April 2012 at The University of Nottingham

Conference Programme


Papers presented
Svetlana Batrakova Does industry concentration matter for pollution haven effects?
Sebastian Benz Boon or bane: The impact of intellectual property rights on innovation
Rafael Cezar Newtoning financial development with
heterogeneous firms
Pavel Chakraborty Environmental Standards and Trade:
Evidence from Indian Textile & Leather Industry
Inger Sommerfelt Ervik  Open sector wage leadership 
Daniel Etzel Wage Bargaining Systems and International Trade 
Maitri Ghosh

FDI, Firm Heterogeneity and Exports
An examination of evidence in India

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Benedikt Heid Gravity with Unemployment
Michele Imbruno Trade liberalization, Firm Productivity and the role of Trade Intermediaries: Evidence from China
Michael Koch The Impact of Trade on the Organization of Labor within Firms
Andreas Lindenblatt Price convergence after the Eastern EU enlargement? Evidence from European Retail Food Prices 
Joel Machado Effciency gains from liberalizing labor mobility
Florian Mölders Trade Persistence and the Limits of Trade Agreements
Sohaib Shahid Does the nature of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) Matter in Promoting Trade?
Christian Soegaard The Self-enforceability of Trade Agreements
in the Presence of Trade Costs
Felipe Starosta de Waldmar Product relatedness and firm exports in China
Ronny Thomas Productivity heterogeneity and firm level exports: case of Indian manufacturing industry
Festus Turkson Trade Agreements and Bilateral Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: Estimating the ex post Bilateral Trade Effect of the EU-ACP Preferential and Regional Trade Agreements in SSA?
Zheng Wang Quota Restrictions and Intra-Firm Reallocations: Evidence from the Effect of the Multifibre Arrangement Elimination on Chinese Textile Exporters

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