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Conference: Firm and Technology Dynamics: A Global Perspective


4th and 5th June 2015

A41, Sir Clive Granger Building, University of Nottingham

The GEP Research Centre runs an annual international conference, typically in June, on an identified topical theme.  This year’s Conference sought to bring together researchers working in the area of firm and technology dynamics.  The Conference, co-organised by Giammario Impullitti (University of Nottingham), Ufuk Akcigit (University of Pennsylvania) and Vasco Carvalho (University of Cambridge), ran on 4th and 5th June 2015 and was sponsored by the Nottingham School of Economics Research Committee.

The keynote presentation was The World Economy Annual Lecture 2015, presented by Jeremy Greenwood (Pennsylvania), on ‘Why Doesn’t Technology Flow from Rich to Poor Countries?’

Other speakers were:  Philippe Aghion (Harvard); Vasco Carvalho (Cambridge); Giammario Impullitti (GEP, Nottingham); Jesse Perla (British Columbia); Carlos Serrano and Tom Schmitz (Pompeu Fabra); Michael Peters (Yale); Rasmus Lentz (Wisconsin); Harun Alp, Ufuk Akcigit and Murat Celik (Pennsylvania).

The conference aim was to provide an overview of frontier research analysing the micro-level underpinnings of aggregate technology and aggregate economic performance.  The workshop focused on the micro determinants of macroeconomic growth and technological progress both in closed and open economies. It aimed to generate a platform from which researchers who work with micro-level data and structural macroeconomic models could interact.  Some of the main topics included: i) finance, firm heterogeneity and growth, ii) production networks and growth, iii) entrepreneurship and growth, iv) growth and development policies when firms matter, v) Heterogeneous firms' perspectives on innovation, growth and policy in the global economy, vi) misallocation and productivity.

The Conference programme is available here: Programme 


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