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The World Economy Annual Lectures

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9 November 2023

Alan Winters, University of Sussex.  'How do we make trade policy in Britain and how should we?'


23 March 2022

Beata Javorcik, University of Oxford and EBRD Chief Economist. 'War on Ukraine: The global fallout'


20 September 2019

Giovanni Maggi, Yale University. 'Are trade agreements good for you?'


28 September 2018

Stephen Redding, Princeton University. 'The making of the modern metropolis: evidence from London'


20 June 2017

Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva 'Misthinking of anti-globalisation'


1 September 2016

Gene Grossman, Princeton University 'Balanced neoclassical growth'


4 June 2015

Jeremy Greenwood, University of Pennsylvania 'Why doesn't technology flow from rich to poor countries?


12 June 2014

Philippe Aghion, Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University 'What Do We Learn from Schumpeterian Growth Theory?'


5 September 2013

Gordon Hanson, Professor of Economics, University of California - 'Immigration, Innovation, and the Search for Talent'


6 September 2011

Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics, University of California. Number One Country, Number One


8 June 2011

Professor Robert Staiger, Stanford University 'What Does Globalization Mean for the WTO? A View from Economics'
View presentation (Beware: do not print the file, as 144 individual bullet points will be printed) and view report


24 June 2010

Carl Davidson, Professor of Economics, Michigan State University. 'Trade Policy and Unemployment'


18 June 2009

Peter Neary, Professor of Economics, University of Oxford. 'Two and a Half Theories of Trade'


19 June 2008

Elhanan Helpman, Professor of International Trade, Harvard University. 'Trade and Labor Market Outcomes'


18 October 2007

Dani Rodrik, Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard University. 'Saving Globalisation from its Cheerleaders' (PP)


22 June 2006

Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, on 'The Path to Global Free Trade: Spaghetti Bowls as Building Blocs'. View presentation (PP)


27 October 2005

Hans-Werner Sinn, Professor of Economics and Public Finance, University of Munich, on 'Export Boom and Bazaar Economy in Germany'. View presentation (PP)


10 September 2004

Anne Krueger, First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund on 'De Tocqueville's 'dangerous moment': the importance of getting reformsright'


26 June 2003

Richard Freeman (Harvard University) on 'The Exaggerated Impact of Trade on the Labour Market'


5 December 2002

Alan Deardorff (University of Michigan) on 'What the Sceptics Distrust About Globalisation'. View summary of the presentation


28 June 2001

Horst Siebert (Institut für Weltwirtschaft, University of Kiel) on 'Europe - Quo Vadis?' View presentation


5 July 2000

Jagdish Bhagwati (Columbia University) on 'Is There Life After Seattle? Reflections on the Prospects for Globalisation


28 October 1999

Sebastian Edwards (University of California, Los Angeles) on 'Financial Crises and Contagion'


17 September 1998

Matthew Slaughter (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire) on 'Globalisation and Wages: A Tale of Two Perspectives'



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