Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

PhD Students

GEP has a cluster of high quality research students who participate fully in the centre's activities. Some benefit from scholarship support offered through the centre on an annual basis. 

Current PhD students 

Diana Beltekian

Essays on trade and development

Supervisors: Facundo Albornoz and Adam Spencer


Thomas Chen

Topic: trade costs and maritime shipping

Supervisors: Richard Kneller and Zhihong Yu


Rachel Cho

Topic: Re-exploring the finance growth nexus

Supervisors: Omar Licandro and Markus Eberhardt


David Contreras Gómez

Effect of grading policy on educational outcomes

Supervisors: Facundo Albornoz and Richard Upward


Wenxiao Dong

Essays on international trade, resource misallocation and productivity

Supervisors: Yuan Tian and Zhihong Yu


Zhangfeng Jin (Ningbo)

Rural migration and productivity responses to Hukou reform in China

Supervisors: Richard Upward, Paulo Epifani and Juliane Scheffel


Gabriele Lucchetti

Agglomeration economies and economic assimilation of foreign born workers in the US labour market

Supervisors: Richard Upward and Giovanni Facchini


Sheila Kaminchia 

The determinants of trade integration: an assessment of the East African community

Supervisors: Roberto Bonfatti, and Alejandro Riaño


Luis Matto-Perez

Structural change, trade and growth 

Supervisors: Omar Licandro and Giammario Impullitti


Zhaohui Nui (Ningbo)

Import competition and quality upgrading

Supervisors: Chris Milner, Chang Liu (Ningbo) and Saileshsingh Gunessee (Ningbo)


Francesca Vinci

Capital and economic recovery after the Great Recession

Supervisors: Omar Licandro and Giammario Impullitti


Charikleia Vavoura

Trade liberalisation in the shadow of superstar firms

Supervisors: Giammario Impullitti and Spiros Bougheas



Feicheng Wang (Ningbo)

Globalisation and labour market in China

Supervisors: Chris Milner and Juliane Scheffel (Ningbo)


Shubin Yang (Ningbo)

Globalisation, Technology Transfer and Firm Performance

Supervisors: Chris Milner and Sandra Lancheros (Ningbo)



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