Examples of Reportable Events

Incidents that might constitute a reportable event could take many different forms. As such it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of events that comprise reportable events. The Office for Students guidance provides an indicative list but expects universities to make their own judgements in relation to what is reportable and what is not reportable. Circumstances surrounding incidents will vary and influence the need to report an event or not.

The OfS guidance note provides a non-exhaustive list of examples of events and the circumstances under which they might be reportable as a starting point. Many are things that, if they took place, would affect the University at institutional level. Examples that may be more relevant to the day-to–day activities of the University include:

  • Notification of an investigation by a professional, regulatory or statutory body which would include organisations that accredit our degrees
  • Closure of a subject area or department
  • Fraud and legal cases under certain circumstances.

Please note the University would expect to utilise its existing policies and procedures in addressing an incident in the first instance. Such policies and procedures would consider whether an incident was reportable. 

Advice is available from the Associate Director for Regulatory Compliance, Lisa Stocks (lisa.stocks@nottingham.ac.uk)

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