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Welcome to the University of Nottingham Policy Finder. This resource includes all University-approved policies which adhere to a specific internal definition. To help with navigation, it also provides access to some other key documents for staff and/or students.

You can search for a policy either by title or by category.  

Tier 1 documents are those which apply to all staff and/or students, irrespective of their role or the nature of their studies.  All staff and students need to be aware of these documents and their associated responsibilities.  Please select Tier 1 staff or Tier 1 student accordingly.  

Staff members can access information about the Policy Management Framework through SharePoint (internal access only). Please note that we are in a period of transition activity to update all policies found in this resource to the standard format.

A number of these policies are included in the University of Nottingham Ethical Framework . The Ethical Framework comprises a comprehensive set of principles, structures, policies and procedures which together demonstrate the ethical standards that the University sets across all of its activities.  

You can also find information on other areas of the University website such as the HR Resource Finder or the Safety Office pages. 



Filters applied:

Acceptable Use
Tier 1 Staff Tier 1 Student Digital & Technology Services
Adoption Leave
People & Culture
Tier 1 Staff Governance, Risk & Assurance
Anti-Money Laundering
Tier 1 Staff Finance & Procurement
People & Culture
Career Break
People & Culture
Estates, Facilities & Environment
Code of Discipline (students)
Tier 1 Student Student & Campus Life
Code of Practice for Meetings or Other Activities on University Premises
Tier 1 Staff Tier 1 Student Governance, Risk & Assurance Estates, Facilities & Environment
Code of Research Conduct & Research Ethics
Research & Knowledge Exchange
Conflicts of Interest, Gifts and Hospitality
Tier 1 Staff Governance, Risk & Assurance
Consumer Protection
Governance, Risk & Assurance Teaching, Learning & Academic Matters
Tier 1 Staff Tier 1 Student Libraries
Data Governance and Quality
Governance, Risk & Assurance Information Security & Compliance
Data Protection
Tier 1 Staff Tier 1 Student Information Security & Compliance




If you are unable to find the policy you are looking for or you have any queries about policy at the University of Nottingham, please contact for assistance.