Effectively interacting and engaging patients who are under-served

Effectively engaging people from under-served communities

Play the video and consider the points below:

Individuals in contact with health professionals who speak their first language accessed services with greater ease.

In the scenario:

  • The dispenser’s interaction with Mrs Khan is polite and respectful
  • By using the same language, and aligning her approach with cultural norms, the dispenser interacts with Mrs Khan in a way that allows her to feel at ease
  • The dispenser listens to Mrs Khan and explores and assesses her medicine use and concerns
  • The purpose of the Medicines Use Review and what is involved is stated simply and the benefits emphasised

Please note: If a bilingual member of staff is unavailable, consider an interpreter; your local GP surgery may be able to help you arrange this. It may be appropriate to ask the patient to bring in a friend or family member who is bi-lingual. Other possible options could include using diagrams and pictures as communication aids. The point is not to give up - keep going until you find a solution!

Effectively engaging people from under-served communities
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