Manager Sickness Notification Procedure

Guide to the University's electronic absence reporting arrangements for use by all Schools/Departments and sections for reporting the sickness absence of their staff to the Payroll Office*.

[* For employee responsibilities in relation to reporting their sickness absence please refer to the Employee Sickness Notification Procedure.]

The process consists of three component parts:

  • A web sickness absence reporting form routed to the Payroll Office.
  • An acknowledgement Email to the person that submitted the web form.
  • A part-completed self-certificate returned as an attachment to the acknowledgement Email (for printing off to give to, or for forwarding on electronically, to the individual who is on sick leave to complete on their return to work).

Completion of the Web Sickness Absence Reporting Form

The person who has responsibility for reporting the absence of a member of staff to the Payroll Office (whether this be the line manager, supervisor or a designated person undertaking this role on behalf of their School/Department/section) should complete the Absence Reporting Online form.

Completion of the form requires the following information:

  • The Email address of the person submitting the web form to the Payroll Office.
  • The staff ID (Payroll Number) of the absent employee.
  • This may be looked up and inserted via a link in the web form.
  • The absence details (date, time (am/pm), expected duration and reason).
  • The expected duration is to be the best estimate from the information given by the person who is absent.

Date will be the default for 'today' (that may be amended) given that employees are required to report their absence as soon as possible on the first day of absence.

Acknowledgement Email/Generation and Attachment of Self-certificate

An acknowledgement Email and part-completed self-certification form attachment is returned to the person that reported the absence.  If the absence exceeds seven consecutive days, including rest days, the individual must provide a fit note from their GP to their manager which should then be forwarded to payroll.  On return to work (whether or not a fit note has been provided), the self-certification form should be sent to the individual for completion and forwarded to payroll.

The person who has reported the absence will receive reminder emails from payroll when the certification form(s) have not been received.  They should ensure that the form has been completed by the individual or that a GP fit note has been requested.

Note: A copy of the returned self-certificate is not retained by the automated process. In the event of the form being lost or there being the need for it to be amended, a blank replacement self-certificate may be completed and submitted.

Part Day Absences

Part day absences of half a day or more should be notified in accordance with these arrangements and self-certificates submitted.


Please refer any questions concerning these arrangements to the Payroll Office.

Last edited Mar 04, 2019