Accident Third Party Claim

An employee who is absent as a result of an accident, where damages may be receivable from a third party, must notify the Payroll Office of the circumstances of their absence.  Where loss of earnings may form part of the damages received, the employee must undertake to refund to the University any University Sick Pay Allowance paid to them during their absence, or such part thereof as is received in the loss of earnings element of any damages.

Where a refund of any payments under the University Sick Pay Scheme is made in full, the period of absence shall not be counted against the employee’s entitlement to University Sick Pay Allowance, however the absence will still be considered for the purposes of any absence triggers or attendance targets under the University’s Sickness Absence Management Policy.  The requirement to refund allowances from damages received does not extend to any sum awarded by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. 

Last edited Jan 02, 2018