Contact with Infectious Diseases


If you have been in contact with someone who has an infectious or notifiable disease you should contact your Head of School/Department or designated person and seek immediate medical advice.  You must not report for duty until your Doctor has advised that it is safe to do so.  Self-certification of absence due to contact with infectious disease will not be accepted for this purpose; a medical certificate must be submitted.

If you come into close contact with someone with German Measles (for example, in the family) this should be reported to your Head of School/Department or designated person immediately.  Arrangements may need to be put in place to prevent the risk of any pregnant employee being exposed to the disease.

An employee who is not incapable of work, but who is deemed by a medical practitioner to be incapable of work because of contact with an infectious or notifiable disease, is entitled to the provisions of the University Sick Pay Scheme; for this purpose an employee with less than six months' service will qualify for University Sick Pay on the basis of an assumed six months' service.  A period of absence on this account will not be counted against the employee’s entitlement to allowances under the University Sick Pay Scheme, but will still be considered an absence for the purposes of any absence triggers or attendance targets under the University’s Sickness Absence Management Policy.

If employees are in doubt as to what constitutes a notifiable disease they should seek medical advice.  As a guide, a list of notifiable diseases for the UK is available from the Public Health England.

Last edited Jan 18, 2016