Agile working

The agile working framework is guidance for line managers and staff for dealing with informal, day-to-day flexibility.

This is an update to the hybrid working guidance established during the pandemic.

The guidance is an evolution of the University’s approach rather than a reset. The objective is to establish a clear framework of principles and expectations for everyone at the University, whilst allowing for local flexibility based on the operational needs of faculties, schools and departments.

There are two documents to be aware of:

  • The agile working framework explains these principles and expectations, as well as providing a structured approach to help line managers to design effective working patterns with their teams.
  • The agile working operational guidelines collect useful associated guidance to help line managers and staff make practical decisions about their ways of working.

In addition, the Agile Working SharePoint site contains a lot of useful information, including managers guidance, extensive case studies covering all job roles and best practice, and frequently asked questions.

There is also a dedicated Moodle site for agile working learning and development resources.

For guidance dealing with formal flexible working agreements, please refer to the Flexible Working Code of Practice.

Agile working framework

Agile working operational guidance

Agile working manager guidance

Agile working case studies

Agile working FAQs

Our HR team is here to support you on a confidential case-by-case basis and can provide specific advice and guidance.



Last edited Apr 24, 2024