Emeritus Professors

The Senate may confer the title of Emeritus Professor on any Professor of the University at or after retirement or resignation for reasons of retirement from the University, in recognition of conspicuous service to the University. Emeritus Professors do not usually get paid but may be offered a contract in some circumstances.

Under the University Ordinances, an Emeritus Professor shall for all purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions be on the same footing as a member of Senate although not formally a member of any University body.




On receipt of a leavers form notifying HR that a Professor is retiring or resigning for reasons of retirement, HR will:

  1. Email the relevant Head of School to ask whether they wish to confer Emeritus Professor status on the individual. If the School wish to confer Emeritus Professor status the Head of School should consult with the relevant Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor then Email HR to confirm that they have Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor approval.
  2. Once approval has been received from the relevant Head of School and Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor, HR will send a list of nominations through to the Registrar’s Office for reporting to Senate (Senate usually meets in February, June and November each year).
  3. Once Senate has approved the status the Emeritus Professor will receive a letter from the Registrar confirming this. A copy of the Registrar’s letter will also be forwarded to the Development Office who invites Emeritus Professors to special events run by the University.

Useful Tools

As Emeritus Professors are no longer members of staff on the University payroll, their automatic rights to building and IT access (which are enabled through the University’s HR systems) are disabled. If an Emeritus Professor requires continued access to buildings and IT, then special arrangements need to be made by the School:

Last edited Jan 02, 2018