Removal Expenses


The removal expenses policy will only apply to the staff groups below, and only if offered as part of your employment contract, either on a permanent or a fixed-term basis (funded from general revenue):

  • Academics (including RCUK Assistant Professors, Clinical Assistant Professors, Clinical Associate Professors and Professors, Clinical Traching Fellows and GP Educators)
  • R&T Job Family (Academic and Teaching and Learning) Levels 4 (including 4a Teaching) and above
  • APM and TS Job Family - Levels 4 and above
  • Fertility Nursing Services

Additional Considerations

If a new member of staff lives in Nottingham they would not normally be offered removal expenses (even if they fit in to the criteria above).

Removal expenses will normally be offered to new staff who, at the time of appointment (ie date of letter of appointment) live outside a radius of 30 miles from their base campus and who move to within such a distance to take up the post.  For the purpose of determining whether staff meet this criteria, the distance is measured using AA Route Planner and is the shortest practical distance by road between the relevant postcodes.

Staff are normally required to live within reasonable daily travelling distance to and from their University base.  This is defined as a journey to or from the University, which is generally no more than one hour’s travelling time each way. Applications to reside beyond this limit will be considered only in exceptional circumstances by the Council of the University and should be made through the Vice-Chancellor.  If and when this occurs a note will be made and put on the individual’s file, which clearly indicates that this over-rides the residence contract term.

The full policy and claim form are available on the HR Workspace pages (Recruitment > Making an Offer).  If you cannot access the HR Workspace pages, please contact the HR Employment Support Services team, email:

How to Contact the HR Employment Support Services Team

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Last edited Nov 29, 2016