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Hillery Harrison

Post Graduate Student,


Research Summary

The Effects of Wargaming and Re-enactment on the Military Archaeologies of Identity

This research is being undertaken on a part-time basis and is seeking to show how both wargaming and re-enactment are affecting archaeology, both physically (items dropped or discarded by re-enactors, military tactics being altered after a scenario has been played as a wargame, for instance), and mentally, as how seeing wargames played or taking part in a wargame can alter peoples perception of the physical artifacts which they are discovering, mapping and identifying.

The research will also be looking at the attitudes which make some periods and events more popular than others. It will, in addition, examine why people chose which periods they re-enact and which group within that period they support.

these decisions will be examined from within the framework of the politics pertaining to the appropriate period, but also in relation to current politics, ideology and attitudes.

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