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Sarantos Minopetros

Honorary Research Fellow; Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies,



I was born in South Africa and was raised in Greece. Following a successful career in the commercial shipping industry, I am (since 2011) a freelance researcher and writer and an associate member of the UoN Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies. As a local from Laconia in southern Greece, I have acted as the UoN CSPS's Greek Community Liaison and have designed educational packs for Greek schools since 2011.

Research Summary

I am interested in the nautical history, archeology and folklore of southern Laconia, Greece, in particular the region of Vatika (ancient Boiae).

Since October 2021, I work on the production of an archaeological and archival resource for the archaeology of Sparti and southern Laconia (i.e. the area covered by the modern Municipalities of Anatoliki Mani, Elaphonisos, Evrotas, and Monemvasia), for the Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies (CSPS). Ι am also working on my new book project on Cape Malea in s. Greece in literature (from Homer to modern times) and in travel writings, in collaboration with CSPS.

I contribute articles in the local Greek and Laconian press and I have completed the manuscripts of two children's books on archaeological projects led by the UoN Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies.

Children's books (in Greek):

Minopetros, S. (forthcoming), Life Code: Lydia (partly sponsored by the UoN Faculty of Arts)

Minopetros, S. (forthcoming), Arasantoe and the sea-garlanded town.

Selected journal contributions (culture and folklore; in Greek)

Minopetros, S. in press. Καλό ταξίδι στο μυστήριο του Καβομαλιά. Ο Βατικιώτης.

Minopetros, S. 2022. Πάντα στο άδικο η θάλασσα δακρύζει. Ο Βατικιώτης 425: 24-25 (on piracy in pre-modern Laconia)

Minopetros, S. 2021. I am sorry (For the WWII 'Comfort Women'). Fractal 6.4.2021

Minopetros, S. 2020. Στης Ιστορίας τα χέρια. Ο «Τιτανικός» του Καβομαλιά (Part 1). Ο Βατικιώτης 423: 20-21

Minopetros, S. 2020. Στης Ιστορίας τα χέρια. Ο «Τιτανικός» του Καβομαλιά (Part 2). Ο Βατικιώτης 424: 18-21

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