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Q-Kolleg Workshop Berlin 2013

Q Kolleg Conference Berlin

Q-Kolleg fellows at the Berlin Conference

This year’s workshop from 1-8 September, started with a two-day international conference at Humboldt-Universität, with papers by Q-Kolleg fellows past and present. Following the conference, the fellows discussed artefacts in the Altes and Neues Museum on Museum Island, putting the analytical skills acquired over the year into practice; they also explored Berlin’s modern urban structure, with special emphasis on commemorative monuments and how they compare to their ancient counterparts. The week concluded with a special tour through Schloss Tegel and its collection of ancient art, with its owner, Ulrich von Heinz, as a guide. Schloss Tegel was designed by the key figure of Prussian classicism, Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It was the home of Wilhelm von Humboldt, the founder of what now is Humboldt- Universität.

The conference papers will be published online in January 2014. Enrolment for the next session of Q-Kolleg will begin in October 2013. 

Posted on Tuesday 10th September 2013

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