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Simon Malloch

Associate Professor in Classics, Faculty of Arts



My interests in the ancient world range over Roman historiography, Roman imperial history, Latin language, Latin epigraphy, the classical tradition (including the transmission of Latin texts), and the history of scholarship.

I took my undergraduate degree from the University of Western Australia and my doctorate from St John's College in the University of Cambridge. I have held academic appointments in Dublin, Munich (at the TLL and LMU), Cambridge, and Oxford (Visiting Fellow, All Souls College). In 2009/10 I joined the University of Nottingham.

I shall be next on research leave in Spring 2021/22.

Expertise Summary

My main areas of research are Roman historiography, Roman imperial history, Latin language, the classical tradition (including the transmission of Latin texts), and the history of scholarship.

Teaching Summary

I teach a wide range of topics at all levels within the history, culture, and literature of ancient Rome. These include:

History and culture modules on the Roman empire in the east (from the republic through to late antiquity), and on the life and principate of Augustus. I also teach the full range of Roman history in my contributions to other modules in the Department.

Latin text modules on Cicero, Sallust, Pliny the younger and ancient letters, Suetonius, and Tacitus; modules teaching beginners' Latin from scratch; theme modules on the representation of Roman emperors in Latin literature; and seminars on 'endings' in Latin literature.

Options within modules about classical scholarship and the classical tradition, such as Gibbon's Decline and Fall, the genre of commentary, and classical education in Germany and Britain since the 19th century.

I supervise graduates in Roman history and historiography.

Research Summary


My edition of the Tabula Lugdunensis, the inscribed copy of Claudius' speech of 48 advocating the admission to the senate of elites of Gallia Comata, is in production. My edition of this text, one of the greatest epigraphic discoveries of the western Roman provinces, offers a comprehensive treatment of philological and historical issues arising from the inscription and its context.


An essay on the transmission of Tacitus' major works is forthcoming in J. Stover (ed.) The Oxford guide to the transmission of the Latin classics (Oxford).

Selected Publications

  • MALLOCH, S.J.V., 2019. Review of Patricia J. Osmond and Robert W. Ulery, Edmund Bolton, Averrunci or the Skowrers: Ponderous and new considerations upon the first six books of the 'Annals' of Cornelius Tacitus concerning Tiberius Caesar (Genoa, Biblioteca Durazzo, MS. A IV 5). Medieval and Renaissance texts and studies, 508. (Tempe, AZ, 2017) Bryn Mawr Classical Review. 2019.02.19,
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