Department of History

People/Event/Place (PEP) workshop

Monday 24th February 2014 (14:00-17:00)

If you are interested in registering for this event please contact Dr Nick Baron


Following the success of the first PEP workshop in December, we are organising a second event to offer participants hands-on experience of DH Press, a platform for digital humanities research that is currently under development by our project partners at the Digital Innovations Lab, University of North Carolina.

In the first half of the workshop, one of the PEP project team will lead participants, working in small groups, in a controlled exercise to create a data visualisation project using DH Press. We shall provide laptops with pre-registered accounts and pre-loaded datasets that meet the requirements of the platform. There will then be ample time for participants’ free exploration of the possibilities and limitations of the platform, for questions and answers and for open discussion.

If you are interested in creating a digital humanities/digital mapping project on the basis of your own research dataset, you are welcome to bring it along (ideally, in csv format), and in the second half of the workshop PEP team members can examine its compatibility with the platform and advise on its implementation.

Workshop programme:

  • Lunch
  • Introduction: Presentation of key concepts/issues arising from first event
  • Controlled exercise with DH Press
  • Tea/coffee break
  • Free exploration and small-group and open discussion of DH Press
  • Conclusion

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