Local History Seminar 12 Jan 19 Part 1

A18 Lenton Grove
Saturday 12th January 2019 (10:03-12:30)

"Fake News" in the East Midlands press c.1790-1832

Speaker: Hannah Nicholson

Fake news is often thought of as being a modern phenomenon, spread with the help of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. However, sensationalism is nothing new. During the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, local newspaper editors used a variety of courses and tactics to fill the pages of their publications, spreading gossip and rumours, especially in the run-up to elections.

Dr Nicholson graduated from the University of Leicester, and subsequently completed an MA and PhD at the University of Nottingham. She has been a regular attendee at the Saturday morning seminars. 


Booking is not necessary and the entry fee of £5 includes refreshments.

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