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History launches new print credit scheme

The Department of History is pleased to offer a new print credit scheme for our incoming undergraduate students in 2013/14. The scheme will support undergraduates from lower-income families in managing the cost of printing and photocopying, one of students’ biggest financial outlays at university, by adding a fixed amount of credit to students’ print accounts to last throughout their degree. The scheme has been made possible thanks to a donation to the Department.

All undergraduate students enrolled on the following courses of ‘home’ fee status with an annual household income of less than £25,000 (as assessed by Student Finance), are automatically eligible for the scheme. Credit values cannot be determined until the number of eligible students is known.

  • V100 BA History
  • VL12 BA History & Politics
  • V1T1 BA History & Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • V117 BA Ancient History & History
  • VV14 BA Archaeology & History
  • VV31 BA History & Art History

The credits are awarded in November of the first year of study and automatically uploaded to students’ University Cards in one lump sum. The credits can be used for all printing, photocopying or scanning on any university PC, photocopier or multi-functional device. However, it is expected that this scheme will offer print credits of up to £100.

For further information on the scheme, please contact Dr Joe Merton, (0115) 82 32771, or contact Financial Support, (0115) 82 32071) if you have any questions about the financial element of the assessment.

Posted on Tuesday 6th August 2013

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