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Nottingham's Dr Rob Lambert in conversation with Chris Packham and Bill Oddie

In conversation

From left, Stephen Moss, Dr Rob Lambert, Chris Packham, Bill Oddie

Dr Rob Lambert and Special Professor Stephen Moss ‘In Conversation’ with Chris Packham and Bill Oddie at Stamford Arts Centre on evening of Thursday 14 November 2013.

As the opening event for this year’s New Networks for Nature (N3) symposium, environmental historian and broadcaster, Dr Rob Lambert, and University Special Professor and TV Producer, Stephen Moss, will be up on stage at Stamford Arts Centre. The pair will be ‘In Conversation’ with two leading British wildlife TV presenters and conservation celebrities, Chris Packham and Bill Oddie. Both household names and ‘national treasures’, Chris and Bill will talk about their passion for British wildlife, their careers and the role that television plays in shaping conservation policy and thinking, and the conservation causes and debates that are close to their hearts. Both men have often taken controversial stances in the face of huge challenges posed by managing nature-people relationships over time in Britain.

The event will be recorded by BBC Radio. Stephen and Rob are both Steering Group members of the new think-tank, New Networks for Nature (N3).

Tickets for the Packham/Oddie event, which starts at 7.30pm, are £15 and available from Stamford Arts Centre.

Posted on Wednesday 6th November 2013

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