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Marie Curie Career Integration Grant aids weather pattern research

Kostick - Weather Extremes

Saharan dust plume transported by cyclone remnant,1998

The Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (CIG) is a highly competitive European award to help scholars move countries in pursuit of their research projects. Conor Kostick, who is currently here from Dublin as a Nottingham Advanced Research Fellow, recently won the maximum CIG award of €100,000.

Conor hopes to resolve major questions about patterns of weather extremes and societal stress by looking at the historical evidence from 400 - 1000 CE. He plans to team up with dendrochronologists and ice-core experts to establish strongly anchored chronologies.

Conor said "this award is a great boost to the project because I can use it to double the rate at which we gather the historical data. Plus, it's a real vote of confidence in what I'm doing, and that is very motivating."

Posted on Tuesday 26th March 2013

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