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Connected Communities Festival award for Philip Riden and Trent barge project

Philip Riden has been granted an AHRC-funded Connected Communities Festival award.

The award builds on the previous successful Connected Communities project on the history of trade and transport on the River Trent since 1850. The partner in both projects is the Newark Heritage Barge CIO (NHB), a voluntary organisation which is restoring a traditional Trent barge as a floating heritage centre for the river.

The new award will fund a one-day event promoted as part of the AHRC Connected Communities Festival to keep this collaboration in the public eye, to continue to support NHB in their work, and to explore possibilities for a new project to make available digitally the work that has been done on the Trent.

A film of the event will be available in due course.

Posted on Monday 20th April 2015

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