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Project award - Photography as Political Practice in National Socialism

Black and white photograph of a family gathered for a photo. Younger children are piggy backing, or on the shoulders of taller children and adults. They're wearing summer shorts in a garden.

Maiken Umbach and a team from History, Education, and Computer Science have been awarded a £711k AHRC grant to explore the significance of mass photography in Nazi Germany. We will analyse a large body of personal photos and albums to understand how politics and lived experience intermingled. With our project partners, the National Holocaust Museum and various schools, we will work to tackle the problem of the “perpetrator gaze” shaping our visual imagination of National Socialism and the Holocaust today, and will develop new exhibition designs, pedagogies, and a new Massive Online Open Course to bring other ways of seeing to the fore. 

For project background, methodology, outputs and contacts see the project page.

Posted on Monday 5th June 2017

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