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Calling all Roman history lovers, especially teachers!

We have publicly launched the Roman Inscriptions of Britain in Schools project. Our mission is to provide access for all to the diverse voices of Roman Britain and to encourage the teaching of classical subjects in schools through fascinating texts and objects. The project is a collaboration between the LatinNow project and the educational charity Classics for All.

Eagle-eyed users of Roman Inscriptions of Britain Online may already have spotted the website’s revamp, making it easier to navigate, and a new section for schools. Phase 1 of the project has provided support for users with a video on ‘what are Roman inscriptions’, a ‘how to use’ section, a glossary for schools, plus a suite of materials for KS2 which support local history studies through activities focused on the North, South, East and West of the country. We have also created thematic pages on childhood and migration, with languages and education coming soon. In addition a selection of texts from the Roman Inscriptions of Britain II volumes on non-stone epigraphy has been released, ahead of the full roll-out in 2023.

In the next phase of the project we will create bespoke materials for KS5. Please send feedback to, especially if you trial the resources in the classroom, and tell us what you would like to see in future phases. You can find out more in our blog.

 - The LatinNow and Classics for All team

Posted on Tuesday 15th November 2022

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