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Nathan Richards

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts



For the past two decades, my research has focused on understanding and exploring the Black past, particularly within the Black Atlantic, including West African regions. I investigate the impact and role of contemporary technologies, theories and methods on memory and creative approaches to the past within these communities, exploring epistemological and ontological questions about the storage, organization, and mediation of the black past.

As a Black Studies scholar of the Digital Black Atlantic, I examine traditional and contemporary technologies, assessing how digital humanities tools interact with older memory forms like oral traditions, art and music. I explore the impact of contemporary technologies, such as databases, social media and immersive tools, on power dynamics, inequalities, and inclusion within the archive. This leads to debates on information environments, data ethics, access, digital ontologies, data rights, participation, algorithms, and AI.

My current research phase, termed TechnoMnemonic, contributes to the language of inquiry in digital humanities and Digital Black Atlantic scholarship. My interests span various cultural and historical periods, drawing from a cross-disciplinary cohort of scholars and theories, including literary and cultural studies, digital history, feminist, gender and race theory, social media studies, and history. Additionally, I incorporate imaginative leaps, influenced by Afro-futurist and sci-fi motifs, to engage in reparative work concerning the Black Past.

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