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Christmas break information

Christmas break - information and reminders for all staff and students 

The University will be closed from Friday 24th December to Monday 3rd January inclusive (so the last working day is Thursday 23rd December 2021 and we return on Tuesday 4th January 2022).  Please note a few important reminders regarding general housekeeping and security as we approach the Christmas break.


General Housekeeping and Security

  • If you are going to be away for the full holiday period or a number of days, please ensure that you remove any perishable items of your own from the fridges/kitchens that could go off (eg milk and food).  We don’t want to return in January to smelly fridges.
  • Please ensure that all windows are closed and office doors are locked and all lights are off (including desk lamps).  If any windows in communal areas/corridors, and which are near to your office, are open when you leave, please close them.
  • Ensure that the kitchen doors are closed and that access is by digilock only.
  • Please switch off as much non-essential electrical equipment as possible such as:
    •  Computers and monitors (if you are not remoting in from home)
    • Shredders
    • Kitchen appliances – microwaves, coffee makers, kettles etc
    • Hot water boilers (these can be switched on again, and heat up quickly, if people are planning to come in, but please do switch them off before you leave on the 23rd December)
    • Chargers – for mobile phones and laptops etc
    • Water coolers
    • Radios
    • In Labs – fume cupboards and other equipment.
  • Please DO NOT switch off the Xerox photocopiers – the devices should not be switched off completely as they have a very economical ‘sleep’ system and if they are switched off it will trigger an error alert to the central Print Team.  Fridges should also be left on as some staff and students do come in over the holiday period.
  • Please remember to leave helpful ‘out of office’ messages stating your own period of leave.


Building Access and Health and Safety

On the days of University closure, access to the building will be by university card only.  If you are planning to come in over the holiday period, this is classed as ‘out of hours’ work, so please ensure you sign in and out in the ‘out of hours book’ just to the right of the main entrance (Humanities Building) and outside the Admin Office, A4 (Music).  In Lenton Grove, please ensure you use the In/Out boards.  Ensure you are familiar with the Lone Working/Out of Hours Risk Assessment and, in particular, remember that during such periods:

  • Admin staff will not be on site to replenish supplies of alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser, so please ensure that you have your own with you in case you need them.
  • There may be few, if any, other people in the building who could become aware of illness or accident and provide assistance in summoning help.
  • There will be an absence of local first aid support in the event of a medical problem or accident;
  • A lack of general help and guidance;
  • A lack of technical assistance;
  • There will be reduced heating levels;

If you do need to summon assistance, please remember the Security 24-hour hotline on ext 13013 (external 0115 95 13013) and the emergency number: ext 18888 (external 0115 95 18888).  Please also ensure that you are familiar with your building evacuation policy in case of an emergency.  Should you need a reminder, the  ‘Safety Management in the School of Humanities’ document can be found on Sharepoint (for staff) and Moodle (for students, in the ‘Health and Safety’ section).


Have a relaxing, happy and healthy break, everyone, and see you in 2022! 

Posted on Wednesday 15th December 2021

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