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Globalisation and other social forces are transforming certain aspects of the cultural and political landscape and generating new forms and patterns of inequality, but our individual and collective experience is also shaped by more traditional lines of social division and exclusion. 

The Identities, Citizenship, Equalities and Migration Centre (ICEMiC) brings together researchers who are concerned both with continuity and change; the global and the local; macro level structural forces and micro level everyday practices and experience. 

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Contributing to a range of substantive fields of study (including economic life, migration, gender, class, wealth, ethnicity, postcolonial subjectivity, families, sexuality, nationalism, religion, health and illness, education, tourism), our research documents, explores and theorises the:

  • ways in which identities are produced, negotiated, expressed, claimed or repudiated, and the consequences for individuals and groups in terms of their ability to access social rights and protections
  • production and reproduction of inequalities, and the moral and political ideas (including ideas of citizenship and human rights) that frame, guide, naturalise, deny or contest them

ICEMiC's research informs public and policy debate as well as helping to shape the contemporary sociologies of identities, citizenship, equalities and migration.

Based in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, ICEMiC also includes members from external organisations and from other schools within the University of Nottingham and collaborates with other research centres and institutions nationally and internationally.

Upcoming events

One-day ICEMiC Symposium "Queer(y)ing Asylum"

08 November 2023 (09:00-17:00)
C10, C11, C14 Monica Partridge University of Nottingham
Organised by Diego Garcia Rodriguez and Alex Wainwright. With Leila Zadeh (Rainbow Migration) and Professor Richard Mole (University of College London) as the keynote speakers

Latest news

New ICEMiC Director

Dr Morteza Hashemi took over the role of Director for Identities, Citizenship, Equalities, and Migration Centre (ICEMiC) at the School of Sociology and Social Policy
03 October 2023

Breaking Bread: A Community Cooking Project with Refugees

An online publication, called 'Breaking Bread: A community cooking project with refugees' was recently launched as part of the project "Aromas that nurture: Sharing sensory experiences with the refugee community'
26 July 2023


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