Identities, Citizenship, Equalities and Migration Centre

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The research of this centre is organised around identities, citizenship and civic stratification.

It encompasses innovative conceptual and methodological approaches as well as substantive comparative and cross-cultural research, including work on Britain, Europe, Egypt, Africa and Asia. The centre involves researchers from different backgrounds (including sociology, anthropology, gender studies and feminism, cultural studies) who have been working in an interdisciplinary fashion for some time.

Theoretical issues addressed include questions of colonialism and postcolonialism in the construction of membership as well as questions of nationalism, multiculturalism, the commons and cosmopolitanism. The centre conducts research into moral economies of welfare and work; gender, employment and the temporal reorganisation of work; the nature of the employment contract, including forced and child labour and increased precarity. Issues of human rights, migration and refugee status are addressed in the context of changing definitions of citizenship and membership. There is a particular interest in memory, belonging and embodiment, as well as in the relation between citizenship and education, both schooling and university. Intersections of age, sexuality, disability, gender, ethnicity and religion are researched across the different themes, especially in relation to the construction of identities and modes of inclusion and exclusion.

Crucially, ICEMiC is defined by its internal diversity: much of its research focuses on one or two of its core components (ie identity, citizenship, equality or migration) in particular empirical contexts or wider conceptual terms. Moreover, several members specialise in analysing the policy dimensions and implications to some of the above-mentioned topics.

Visit the Current and Recent Research page to read some examples of current work within the Centre.

Identities, Citizenship, Equalities and Migration Centre

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