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An array of cells grown on an array of modified chemistries

Case Studies



ISAC in Action

ISAC is ready to help with a range of materials analytical problems and challenges. Have a look below at some examples of queries we have been presented with and how they were solved.

ISAC actively looks to develop opportunities to apply and expand our surface analytical capabilities. Could we offer insight on or help answer your problem? Could we work with you to engage in a groundbreaking project? To see if ISAC can benefit you, your business or your initiative please get in touch.

Right: Looking inside the UHV environment of an XPS sample chamber 

Sample Chamber of an XPS Instrument


Case Studies


Characterising Drug Loaded Polymeric Microspheres:

ISAC Case 1 Powerpoint file

Visualisation of Protein and Surfactant Distribution in PLGA Microspheres:

ISAC Case 2 Powerpoint file

The Dissolution of Amorphous Solid Drug Dispersions:

ISAC Case 3 Powerpoint file

Validating Probiotic Coatings – Pan Bread:

ISAC Case 4 Powerpoint file

Characterising Bleached Hair Damage:

ISAC Case 5 Powerpoint file

Performance Fuel Engineering:

ISAC Case 6 Powerpoint file

Textile Contamination:

ISAC Case 7 Powerpoint file

Soot-in-Oil Diagnostics:

ISAC Case 8 Powerpoint file

Polymer Composition and Spatial Distribution:

ISAC Case 9 Powerpoint file

Characterising 3D Printed Electronics:

ISAC Case 10 Powerpoint file


Interface and Surface Analysis Centre (ISAC)