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The nmRC Commercial Services team is eager to help with your  materials analytical challenges. Have a look below at a range of case studies showcasing the materials analytical capabilities at the nmRC and wider UoN, and how they have been deployed to solve a number of industrial problems or collaborative research projects

Could we offer insight on or help answer your problem? Could we work with you to engage in a groundbreaking project? To see if the expertise or facilities at the nmRC can benefit you or your initiative please get in touch.

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Case Studies

Characterising Drug Loaded Polymeric Microspheres:

nmRC Commercial Case 1 PDF format

Visualisation of Protein and Surfactant Distribution in PLGA Microspheres:

nmRC Commercial Case 2 PDF format

The Dissolution of Amorphous Solid Drug Dispersions:

nmRC Commercial Case 3 PDF format

Validating Probiotic Coatings - Pan Bread:

nmRC Commercial Case 4 PDF format

Characterising Bleached Hair Damage:

nmRC Commercial Case 5 PDF format

Performance Fuel Engineering:

nmRC Commercial Case 6 PDF format

Textile Contamination:

nmRC Commercial Case 7 PDF format

Soot-in-Oil Diagnostics:

nmRC Commercial Case 8 PDF format

Polymer Composition and Spatial Distribution:

nmRC Commercial Case 9 PDF format

Characterising 3D Printed Electronics:

nmRC Commercial Case 10 PDF format

Highly Uniform Porous Magnetic Microspheres for Biomedical Applications:

nmRC Commercial Case 11 PDF format

Transmembrane Electron Transport Using Carbon Nanotube Porins:

nmRC Commercial Case 12 PDF format

Antibiotic Vancomycin Induces Complexation and Aggregation of Mucins:

nmRC Commercial Case 13 PDF format

Characterising Proteins on Surfaces:

nmRC Commercial Case 14 PDF format

Performance Fuel Engineering:

nmRC Commercial Case 15 PDF format


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