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Teaching and Learning

You will be provided with extensive online course materials, with additional copies provided via USB. (Hard copies may be supplied under some circumstances.)

This includes:

  • Texts: These materials serve as text books for the modules, as well as basic text including case studies, examples, further reading, and self-test questions
  • Online support: There will also be online support and advice, including email support, discussion boards and podcasts
  • Teaching time: Each module* will also be supported by a two-day intensive teaching session, held at the University of Nottingham

* For Legal Research Methods the approach differs in that there is an introductory session and a session on how to conduct legal research (held alongside teaching for other modules), followed by completion of the module assignment.

For those taking the LLM, this will be followed by a workshop on researching and writing dissertations and also the possibility of one-to-one session with a course teacher to discussion development of the dissertation.

Session structure

There will be an induction at the start of the programme, providing an opportunity to ask questions, meet with staff, and network with other participants.

The intensive teaching sessions consist of a mix of:

  • lectures by the programme's core teaching staff
  • presentations from invited practitioners/policy makers
  • discussion sessions
  • case studies
  • group work
  • presentations from course participants

All participants are expected to attend where this is reasonably possible, although this is not a formal condition for obtaining a qualification.

Assessment information

Introduction to Public Procurement Regulation: Basic Principles and Concepts and EU Procurement Law 1 are each assessed through two assignments:

  • One is to be submitted during the module cycle, before the intensive teaching takes place
  • The second is to be completed towards the end (either a further take-home assignment or a work-based assignment), after the teaching has taken place

All other modules are assessed with one assignment per module.

The School of Law employs a variety of assessment methods, including:

  • essays
  • take-home assignments (completed over the weekend to minimise interference with work commitments)
  • work-based assignments

Please note: There is no requirement to attend Nottingham to complete assignments.


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