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Executive Programme in Public Procurement Law and Policy

Executive Programme in Public Procurement Law and Policy

The Executive Programme in Public Procurement Law and Policy is a part-time, distance learning programme provided under the school's world-renowned Public Procurement Research Group (PPRG).

Recognising the growing importance of legal regulation in controlling public procurement, the programme offers a comprehensive grounding in the legal aspects of the subject.

Who can take the programme?

No law degree or legal training is required. The programme is designed for:

  • policy makers responsible for designing and implementing legal rules on public procurement
  • procurement officers who require an understanding of the legal rules
  • lawyers advising on public procurement and those undertaking research or teaching in the area

It can be studied to Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or LLM level.

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Public Procurement Law and Policy LLM/PGDip/PGCert


Those taking the programme will obtain a thorough understanding of:

  • the nature of law and the legal process
  • the principles and rules of public procurement law
  • the application of these rules in key national and international systems (including UNCITRAL, the WTO, the EU and the UK)
  • how to implement best practice in the context of a legal framework

Will the programme be affected by Brexit?

You may well be wondering whether there may be changes to the content of our programme as a result of Brexit.

Obviously it is very difficult to predict what Brexit will involve. That will depend, essentially, on what trade agreements, if any, the UK negotiates on departure from the EU. So far as the impact on our programme is concerned, however, what we do know is:

  1. Whatever the impact on the UK, we intend to continue to teach our EU procurement modules after Brexit in the same way as we do now. (We also intend to continue with our research in this field.) Thus potential students from outside the UK should not be affected.
  2. The EU procurement modules will remain relevant for those in the UK until at least mid-2019 - and probably longer, since the current UK regulations based on EU law are likely to remain until conclusion of negotiations with both the EU and other Parties to the WTO's Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).
  3. The EU procurement modules may well remain permanently relevant to the UK, since one quite likely outcome of negotiations is a trade agreement that includes the current EU procurement rules.

It is also possible, however, that any agreement(s) we negotiate will not include the full EU procurement rules, but will be based solely on GPA rules (or even that no agreement will be concluded on procurement, though we think this unlikely). Should that be the case we intend to introduce new modules covering any revised procurement system applicable in the UK - and, of course, our existing module on UK procurement will in future years (as this year) give extensive coverage to developments as they unfold!

Should the UK system change substantially, we intend (subject to IP constraints) to make any new UK module materials available free of charge to anyone who has undertaken the programme in the preceding three years, so that they may easily update themselves with the new system.

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Student testimonial

The programme surpassed my expectations. It broadened and deepened my understanding of the aspects of procurement law I thought I knew well.

Caroline Nicholas, Senior Legal Officer, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, and Secretary, UNCITRAL Working Group I (Procurement)

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Executive Programme in Public Procurement Law and Policy overview.

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Key staff

Honorary Professors

The group also benefits from the input of three Honorary Professors:

  • Peter Kunzlik
  • Susie Smith 
  • Robert Anderson

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