Data Fest 2023: Introduction to text-mining

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Thursday 2nd March 2023 (10:00-11:30)
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Data Fest 2023: Introduction to text-mining

Data Fest 2023, hosted by the Researcher Academy in collaboration with the UK Data Service, is a programme of activity which will give you the chance to boost your data skills, knowledge and networks; whether you are just getting started or are interested in broadening your existing capabilities.

Introduction to text-mining

Text-mining is one of many data-mining techniques that social scientists are using to turn unstructured (or more accurately, semi-unstructured) material into structured material that can be analysed statistically. In this way, researchers are gaining access to new materials and methods that were previously unavailable. 

Developed by the UK Data Service, this practical workshop aims to give social scientists a clear understanding of what text-mining is (and what it isn't) as well as how to use text-mining to achieve some basic and more advanced research outcomes. 

This online course is for Researchers only.

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