Using silent study spaces in libraries


Our libraries all have a mix of study spaces (including silent and quiet areas) to help you study in the way that works for you. 

Our silent study areas are a great place for focused individual study, but we ask that students follow a few measures to help us to provide a great study environment for everyone.  

When using these areas please: 

  • use the space for silent, individual study only

  • turn off phone alerts

  • use headphones and keep audio to a low level 

  • leave the space if you need to talk or make/take a phone call 

If you need to study with others or prefer an environment with some background noise, please try our quiet or group study areas. Study rooms are not soundproof so please be aware of the noise levels. 

If you’re studying in a silent area and are being disturbed by noise, you can use let Library staff know or contact us via WhatsApp or Live Chat.  

Find out more about silent study space at 

If you have any questions, please ask a member of Library staff or get in touch via email, phone or live chat. 

Posted on Tuesday 17th January 2023

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