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Publishing your reading list

Guidance on what to check before submitting a reading list plus key dates and deadlines.

Guidance on:  Roles and responsibilities  |  How to publish  |  When to publish  |  Help and support

Your reading list will help us to determine what titles to order and the number of copies required. It is important to review your list before publishing to make sure it is relevant and up-to-date so that your students have access to the right material.

Roles and responsibilities

List owners

Tutors should:

  • submit new module lists by the deadline
  • rationalise the number of items so there are realistic expectations
  • set the importance for all items on the list
  • consider the likely availability of older items not already in stock
  • alert us to any changes to the running of the module and/or significant changes in expected student numbers. Email Collections

Libraries staff

Once a list is submitted for publishing, we will:

  • check the list for any new items that have been added
  • check for ebook availability
  • order new and additional material in line with purchasing ratios
  • advise the list owner if any items are unobtainable and remove the item from the list

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How to publish your list

You don't need to create a new reading list from scratch every year. In June, we rollover all published reading lists to create a brand new copy for the next academic year. The new list will remain in draft and will not be visible to students until you review, edit (if necessary) and publish the list.

How to publish:

  1. Once you have checked your list and added all the resources, sections and notes you need, click the Publish button in the yellow bar at the top of your list.
  2. Your list will then be sent to Libraries for review. We will review the list and order any resources not currently available in the library.
  3. You will receive a notification when the review process is complete

You can continue to make further edits to your list after it has been published and throughout the academic year, if needed. Once you have made your changes remember to re-publish your list so that the latest version is visible to students and for Libraries to review.


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When to publish your list

For standard teaching, we recommend following the timescales below to make it likely that any new resources are available for your students.

Please plan to publish your list during the Green period, if possible:

  • by 1 August for Semester 1 and full year modules
  • by 1 December for Semester 2

If you want Libraries to create your list for you, please allow plenty of time in advance of these deadlines. At peak times, there may be long waiting lists for the Reading Lists Support Service.

Schedule for publishing your list
(peak period)
(expect delays)
Semester One / Full Year May - July August September - October
Semester Two May - November December January - February

About the publishing periods


Publishing your list within this date range gives us the best chance of having resources available for the start of the teaching period.


This is the peak period for list reviews and ordering items. 

We will process orders as quickly as possible but resources may not be ready for the start of teaching.


For lists published during this period, new or additional material will not be available until a later date.


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Help and support


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