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Mary O'Connell and colleagues receive £2 million award from Wellcome Trust


Congratulations to Prof Mary O’Connell and colleagues on their recent award from the Wellcome Trust under their special call on Biological vulnerability to extreme heat in maternal and child health.

The £2 million award 'Mitigating against life-course complications of heat stress ' is led by Prof Niamh Forde based in LICAMM and is in collaboration with Dr Virginia Pensabene also at the University of Leeds and Profs Mary O’Connell, Kevin Sinclair, Ramiro Albeiro and David Gardner at the University of Nottingham. This program will generate critical new knowledge on biological mechanisms affected by heat stress during early pregnancy that can alter life-course health in subsequent generationsWe will develop and test novel mitigation strategies against this grand challenge by taking an interdisciplinary approach combining in vivo animal models, in vitro bioengineering, and computational comparative evolutionary biology.

Posted on Thursday 4th May 2023

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