School of Life Sciences

Our structure

Five annual cohorts, each comprised of four PhD students, will undertake projects aligned to drug discovery with distinct hypothesises:

  • Cohort 1 starting in 2020: Cancer Angiogenesis
  • Cohort 2 starting in 2021: Pain and Addiction
  • Cohort 3 starting in 2022: Respiratory medicine
  • Cohort 4 starting in 2023: Immuno-oncology
  • Cohort 5 starting in 2024: Inflammatory disease

Within each cohort each student will focus on a different scientific area of research:

  • (a) Target engagement;
  • (b) cellular environment;
  • (c) in vivo and ex vivo models
  • (d) mathematical modelling and systems biology

Drug Discovery and Team Science Rotations

  • Each student may optionally undertake a two-month rotation in two chosen scientific areas.
  • The rotations will provide a diverse experience within the early stages of the PhD, allowing a student to identify a key area of research which appeals to them.
  • PhD students will evaluate their experiences and have opportunity to develop their project with their supervisory committee.

Drug Discovery and Team Science Transition Phase

The comprehensive training programme offered alongside the research projects extends into a transition period after completion of the PhD to fully support professional development activities.

This transition phase includes placements and networking to broaden expertise and career prospects.

School of Life Sciences

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