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What is Team Science?

Working in a diverse and collaborative environment has been proven to strengthen research capability. This Team Science environment, which has been implemented by the Centre of Membranes, Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) has attracted diverse talent from across the world and through collaboration, impactful research has emerged.

Building on this success, the Drug Discovery and Team Science DTP will continue to pursue a Team Science approach and strive to change research culture by placing students at the heart of the training experience; valuing and supporting their diversity and individuality from start to finish. Whilst, encouraging multi-disciplinary team-work to address the cohort theme.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

Our Team Science, equality, diversity and inclusion strategy aims to enhance and diversify the existing research culture by encouraging and welcoming all to participate. For the past four years our Team Science ethos has attracted diverse talent from across the world and this has resulted in cutting-edge research and high impact outputs.

The University of Nottingham is committed to delivering strategic equality, diversity and inclusion and has promised to fund the additional fees associated with international applicants for one student per cohort.

Throughout our recruitment process we aim to limit bias towards applicants by working closely with the consultancy agency Diversity by Design. The bias element of recruitment will be eliminated by encouraging a large and diverse pool of applicants and by anonymising applications during selection rounds. This should result in the recruitment, retention and recognition of the best candidates.

Further to this, we will work closely with STEMM-CHANGE, a project that addresses barriers to inclusion in STEMM disciplines and develops best practise guidelines in EDI.

Wellbeing lead

The University Of Nottingham is dedicated to student and staff welfare. This is demonstrated by the ‘Staff Wellbeing Strategic Delivery plan’ and the ‘Student Welfare Handbook’, which emphasise respect, understanding, collaboration, awareness, monitoring and learning. Further tools are also available to students and staff including the Wellbeing Hub, University Of Nottingham specific apps, counselling services and courses on mindfulness and stress management.

The Drug Discovery and Team Science Program is dedicated to extending this culture of care by appointing a ‘Wellbeing lead’ who will provide additional support for students, through promoting strategies for the management of stress and work/life balance. The Wellbeing lead will be the point of contact for resources, advice and support where needed during this program.

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