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Postgraduate research

With expert supervision from leaders in their field, extensive training, leading-edge facilities and strong links with industry, you will have the opportunity to thrive in a vibrant, multidisciplinary environment at one of the world’s most respected research-led universities.

Our students finish their degrees with highly attuned scientific research skills and a broad commercial understanding, making them highly attractive to prospective employers. We offer two types of postgraduate research courses:

PhD or DM degree

Both PhD and DM degrees offer you the opportunity to research an area in depth for 3-4 years full-time or 6-8 years part-time. The Doctorate is the highest level degree in the UK and a PhD from The University of Nottingham is recognised internationally.


MRes and Non-Funded PhD degrees

An MRes is a one year, full-time research degree. You will carry out a supervised research project in the laboratory and submit a thesis at the end of the year to be examined for an MRes award. An MRes degree can be an effective stepping stone between undergraduate and PhD level research, particularly if you are changing your scientific discipline or you are undecided about committing yourself to PhD study.


Other research opportunities

Molecules, Cells and Organisms projects


Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Doctoral Training Programme

Wellcome Trust Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust's current and previous projects

Integrated Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training


Integrated Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training

Students studying rain forest in Malaysia

NERC Envision DTP

Developing next generation leaders in environmental science



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