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Disability Liaison

Services for students who have a disability, long-term medical condition or specific learning difficulty (eg, dyslexia)

The University of Nottingham and the School of Life Sciences are committed to promoting access and support for undergraduate and postgraduate students with a registered disability, long-term medical condition or specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia. The School of Life Sciences assists many students each year with physical, psychological or learning difficulties in finding University support to enable them to continue with their academic studies and university life and fulfil the inherent requirements of their course as independently as possible.

The University’s Academic Support and Disability Support teams are supported by Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) in the individual Schools and Departments. The DLO for the School of Life Sciences is:

Mrs Gail Gomez -, tel 0115 8230144  c/o Undergraduate Teaching Office, A31, Life Sciences Building, University Park

The DLO’s role is to assist students and UCAS applicants by liaising with the student, lecturers, and the Academic/Disability Support teams to ensure that appropriate reasonable adjustments are made for their studies and assessments. This may include extra time in exams, support workers in lectures or laboratory classes or other adjustments specific to the student’s needs.

If you have any requirements or concerns, please talk to your DLO. There is no obligation and you can just have an informal, confidential chat at first, to see how we can help you. The sooner you ask the better as some deadlines (eg for alternative exam arrangements) come early in the term.

What we need you to do

Students are encouraged to make the University aware of their individual requirements.

Please see the University’s support for your studies webpages

Applicants though UCAS can specify a disability code on their UCAS application. All applications from candidates who have disclosed a disability will be considered in the same way as any other application and a decision will be made that is based upon the candidate’s academic merit and potential. The Disability/Academic Support teams will assess the applicant’s needs to decide what support and assistance may be required. If necessary the teams will arrange to meet the applicant and School DLO and appropriate lecturing staff to discuss this. 

Once at University, you are encouraged to contact Student Services to register with the Disability or Academic Support team and to inform your personal tutor and the DLO.

The information you provide will only be used to liaise with those colleagues who need to know for the purpose of arranging the support you require. Your data will not be disclosed for other purposes without your consent, except where there is a legal obligation to do so or where exceptional issues of personal safety arise.

Please read the student disclosure and confidentiality policy

Useful Links

University Student Support services

Information on Academic Support, Disability Support, the Counselling service, Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA's) etc.

Disabled Students' Network (UoNSU)

The Disabled Students' Network is a representational association and support network. They aim to represent and support students who self-define as having a disability.




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