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Below is a list of the principal hospital and health-related collections held by the University.

Many of these link to further information and each item is followed by a link to its entry in the online catalogue.




Administrative and Fund-Raising Bodies

  • Nottingham No. 1 Hospital Management Committee (1948-1970), Nottingham University Hospital Management Committee (1970-1974), and Nottinghamshire Area Health Authority (Teaching), South Nottingham District (1974-1982). (catalogue record )
  • Nottingham No. 1 Hospital Management Committee, Newark and Basford Group of Hospitals (catalogue record )
  • Records collected by Dr W.L. Jones of the Trent Vale Hospital Management Committee, in existence 1970-1974. (catalogue record )
  • Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Hospital Saturday Fund (1873-1938), and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Hospital Saturday Contributory Fund (1938-1948). (catalogue record )
  • Linen Guild of Nottingham General Hospital (1921-1956), and General Hospital Nottingham Linen Guild and League of Hospital Friends (1956-1992). (catalogue record )


Medical organisations, businesses, societies and libraries

  • Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society, in existence 1828-present (more information ):
    • Administrative records including minutes, reports, library catalogues and historical papers. (catalogue record )
    • Miscellaneous records of medical interest, formerly in the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society Library, 1792-c.1948 (MS 714) (catalogue record )
    • Medico-Chirurgical Society Library Collection (catalogue record )
  • Medical Rare Books Collection. General stock of medical rare books, many with a broad scientific interest (catalogue record )
  • General Hospital Nottingham Nurses' League records, 1948-1971 (catalogue record )
  • Nottingham Nurses' League minute book, 1969-1982 (catalogue record )
  • Prescription Registers of The Park Pharmacy, Nottingham, 1920-1932. (catalogue record )


Medical professionals

  • Notebooks and personal papers of Frank Berry (1908-1977), pharmacy student at University College Nottingham. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Katherine Molly Denman (1909-1990), sister and principal tutor at Nottingham General Hospital; c.1912-1991 (catalogue record )
  • Nursing memorabilia of Honoria Mary Frayne, trainee nurse at Nottingham General Hospital, 1901-1926 (catalogue record )
  • Papers of John Lawson (1878-1969), pharmacist, of Nottingham. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Valentin Moskalenko (1898-1986), medical surgeon in the Ukraine, Germany and Lincolnshire. (catalogue record )
  • The Florence Nightingale Collection of printed books. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Dr Ian Olson (1939-) relating to the University of Nottingham Medical School, 1969-1975 (catalogue record)
  • Papers of Margaret Plucknett (Matron, 1941-1958) relating to Nottingham General Hospital. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Professor Sam Shone (-1986), Medical Administrator. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Sister Marion Simpson, S.R.N. (d 1965); 1933-1966 (catalogue record )
  • Student notebooks of Eric Thurman (c.1903-), a pharmacy student at University College Nottingham. (catalogue record )
  • Reminiscences of Professor George E. Trease (1902-1986), Professor of Pharmacognosy in the Pharmacy Department, University of Nottingham. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Winifred Welch (1893-), nurse and midwife of Nottingham. (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Edward M. Wrench (1833-1912), surgeon, of Baslow, Derbyshire. (catalogue record )
  • Papers collected by a former clerk at Nottingham General Hospital, 1944-c.1993 (catalogue record )
  • Papers relating to Patricia Latham, nurse at the General Hospital, Nottingham, 1953-1957 (catalogue record )
  • Papers of Ellen May Wallis, nurse at Nottingham General Hospital 1922-1927; 1920s-1954 (catalogue record)
  • Presentation book gifted to Dr Lewis Marshall (-1929) by former nurses of Nottingham Children's Hospital (plus accompanying papers); 1909-1929 (catalogue record)
  • Papers of Dr Sinclair Morris Evans (1908-2001), G.P., of Baslow, Derbyshire; 1894-2001 (catalogue record)


Medical schools


Miscellaneous collections relating to medicine and health

Manuscript bibliography of books on medicine compiled by Dr F.H. Jacob (fl 1872-1935), physician (catalogue record )

  • Early 18th century manuscript volume containing Latin lectures given by Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738), chemist and physician (catalogue record )
  • Printed portraits of men distinguished in the field of medicine, 1719-1928 (catalogue record )
  • Album containing postcards and photographs of soldiers convalescing at the General Hospital, Nottingham, during the First World War, 1910-1919 (catalogue record)

References to medicine, health, nursing, childbirth and other medical issues can be found throughout many other collections, especially the papers of aristocratic families and landed estates. Tips on finding relevant material can be found in the Search catalogues page of this resource.


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