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The life and works of D H Lawrence have always attracted an enormous international following which is reflected in the number and variety of websites devoted to him.

A selection of sites, with brief description, have been grouped under different headings to reflect their principal areas of concern. This is not intended as an exhaustive list but is rather a selection of well-presented, up-to-date sites which reflect the wide range of interests in Lawrence.


Literary works and criticism

Full-text works available online

Under European law the published works of D H Lawrence came out of copyright on 31 December 2000. (Note: copyright restrictions will still apply to certain later editions, including the complete canon published by Cambridge University Press and also Granada Publishing and Penguin Books, the copyright details appearing in the prelims of each individual volume).

Full-text works are available online from:

  • Oxford Text Archive 
    Lady Chatterley's Lover
    (1st edition, 1928)
    Women in Love (1st edition, 1920)
    St Mawr (transcribed from the 1950 Penguin edition of St. Mawr and The virgin and the gipsy; St Mawr first published 1925)  
  • Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
    Sons and Lovers (New York: Viking Press, 1913)
    Adolf (The Dial, 69, September 1920)
    Rex (The Dial, 70, February 1921)
    Pomegranate (The Dial, 70, March 1921) and
    The Apostolic Beasts (The Dial, 70, April 1921)
  • American Studies @ The University of Virginia
    Studies in Classic American Literature (New York: Seltzer, 1923)
  • Bartleby (formerly Project Bartleby at Columbia University)
    Amores (New York: Huebsch, 1916)
    New Poems (London: Secker, 1918)
  • Literature Online 
    Provides access to Chadwyck-Healey's full-text databases of English and American literature, including Lawrence's poetry, Studies in Classic American Literature by D H Lawrence and KnowledgeNotes for students on Sons and Lovers and Women in Love.

Criticism and studies

  • Peter Gill: playwright, theatre director. An extensive site providing comprehensive coverage of Gill's productions of Lawrence's plays (A Collier's Friday Night, The Daughter-in-Law, The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, The Merry-Go-Round) with programme notes, cast lists and a rehearsal logbook. Also included is an article by Keith Sagar, D H Lawrence: Dramatist.
  • In Some Women and Lawrence, Viriginia Hyde, Professor of Literature at Washington State University, provides details of over a hundred women writers and scholars who have responded to Lawrence's work.
  • D H Lawrence 1885-1930 First Centenary. A special issue of Renaissance and Modern Studies Volume XXIX, 1985, published by the University of Nottingham in 1985 to celebrate the centenary of Lawrence's birth. 
    • Short story and autobiography: kinds of detachment in D.H. Lawrence's early fiction by John Worthen
    • Lawrence, Dostoevsky, Bakhtin: D.H. Lawrence and dialogic fiction by David Lodge
    • Lawrence and industrial symbolism by Bridget Pugh
    • D.H. Lawrence and the sources of movements in European history by P.J. Crumpton
    • "Terra incognita": Lawrence's travel writings by Mara Kalnins
    • Phoenix poet by Allan Rodway
    • D.H. Lawrence: letter writer by James T. Boulton
    • D.H. Lawrence: the George Lazarus collection of books and manuscripts by Anthony Rota
    Available for purchase. Enquiries should be directed to:
    The Business Manager
    Renaissance and Modern Studies
    Department of Hispanic and Latin American Studies
    University of Nottingham
    Nottingham NG7 2RD
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 0115 951 5809
    Fax: 0115 951 5814 
  • A Would-be Dirty Mind: D H Lawrence as an Enemy of Joyce. Article by Professor Paul Delany of Simon Fraser University, Canada.
  • Giving Yourself Away: Lawrence's Letters in Context. Article by Professor Paul Delany of Simon Fraser University, Canada.
  • Lawrence's Last Days provides an updated version of Emile Delaveney's article, 'D H Lawrence at Vence (6 February-2 March 1930)'.
  • Transitional states and pyschic change: thoughts on reading D H Lawrence. Article by Barbara Schapiro in PSYART, a hyperlink journal published by the Institute for Pyschological Study of the Arts, University of Florida.
  • Lawrence seminar site accompanies teaching on Lawrence by Jay Gertzman, English Department, Mansfield University, USA.
  • D.H. Lawrence in the Dial provides bibliographic details of works by and about Lawrence published in The Dial from 1920-28.
  • D H Lawrence - resource materials lists selected critical and biographical works on Lawrence for students in F&HE.
  • Essays on D H Lawrence by Joyce Carol Oates including "The Hostile Sun: The Poetry of D H Lawrence" and "Lawrence's Götterdämmerung: The Apocalyptic Vision of Women in Love"

Reviews and publishers' notices

  • Publisher's notice: D H Lawrence: Fifty Years on Film, by Louis K Greiff. Southern Illinois University Press, 2001.
  • Publisher's notice: The Consciousness of D H Lawrence: An Intellectual Biography, byDaniel J Schneider. University of Kansas Press.
  • Publisher's notice: D H Lawrence: An Unprofessional Study, by Anaïs Nin. Ohio University Press/Swallow Press.
  • Publisher's notice: Metaphor and Meaning in D H Lawrence's Later Novels by John B. Humma.
  • Publisher's notice: D H Lawrence and the child, by Carol Slenicka.
  • Publisher's notice: D H Lawrence and 'Difference' - Post Coloniality and the Poetry of the Present by Amit Chaudhuri Oxford University Press 2003


Publishers and booksellers

  • Cambridge University Press for details of the Cambridge editions of the works of D H Lawrence.
  • Penguin Books lists Lawrence books published by Penguin with online ordering facilities.
  • The Association of American University Presses . Provides search facility for books in specific categories - eg. 'literature' - and offers over 150 Lawrence titles with details of publisher and price to order direct from the publisher.
  • The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association. Incorporates book search and online ordering facilities.
  • Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. Incorporates book search and online ordering facilities.


Journals, discussion groups and societies

  • The D H Lawrence Review. Published three times annually as a forum for criticism, scholarship, reviews, and bibliography of the work of Lawrence and his circle.
  • The Rananim Society is an internet discussion group linked to Helen Croom's web site (see enthusiasts' pages below).
  • The D H Lawrence announce list is an announcement list only (no discussion) and is intended for postings of news, seminar updates, calls for papers, information on plays and exhibitions, new publications, book reviews etc.
  • The D H Lawrence Society, Eastwood. Publishes a twice-yearly newsletter and an annual journal. Programme and contact details available via the Alliance of Literary societies.
  • D H Lawrence Society of North America. Publishes a twice-yearly newsletter.
  • D H Lawrence Society of Australia. Produces a quarterly journal, Rananim.
  • Lawrence Gossip Column run by Scarthin Books of Cromford, Derbyshire.
  • Etudes Lawrenciennes Published twice yearly (in English) by the Groupe d'Etudes Lawrenciennes, Centre de recherches anglo-américaines, Université Paris X-Nanterre.

The following societies currently have no web presence:

  • D H Lawrence Society of Italy. Published Quaderni Lawrenciani. Contact: Dr. Antonella De Nicola, Director of the Society, Via Silvio Spaventa 9, 80142 Naples, Italy. Tel. and fax. +39 81 5534719.
  • D H Lawrence Society of Korea. Produces journal D H Lawrence Studies.
  • D H Lawrence Society of Japan. Produces journal D H Lawrence Kenkyu.


Places associated with Lawrence

  • Birthplace Museum on the Broxtowe Borough Council website
  • The D H Lawrence Ranch (formerly Kiowa Ranch), short description on Wikipedia with related links about the Lawrences home in New Mexico. The ranch, given to Frieda by Mable Dodge Luhan in 1924, was gifted to the University of New Mexico by Frieda, prior to her death in 1955.


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