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Year  Month Event
1702   William III succeeded by Queen Anne
1707   Act of Union unites the kingdoms of England and Scotland
1708   Attempted invasion of Scotland by James Stuart and his French allies
1714   Queen Anne succeeded by King George I
1715 September Jacobite uprising in Scotland and northern England, led by John Erskine, the Earl of Mar
  November Jacobites defeated at the Battle of Sheriffmuir and the Battle of Preston
  December James Stuart lands in Scotland
1716 February James Stuart leaves for Europe from Montrose and the Jacobite army disperses
1719   Highland rising, supported by Spain
1720   Charles Edward Stuart (‘The Young Pretender’, or ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’) born
1727   George I succeeded by King George II
1744   An invasion plan by France is abandoned. Charles Edward Stuart decides to invade himself
1745 July 23 Charles Edward Stuart lands in Scotland
  September At Perth, Charles Edward Stuart claims the throne for his father. Jacobite army takes Edinburgh. Battle of Prestonpans
  November Carlisle surrenders to the Jacobites
  December Jacobite army reaches Derby but is opposed by large numbers of British troops. Charles Edward Stuart orders a retreat
1746 January Battle of Falkirk won by the Jacobites
  April Battle of Culloden won by the British. Charles Edward Stuart escapes and is eventually taken back to France


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