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Activity 6: Why is Laxton maintained?

Enquiry Question

Why is the village of Laxton maintained as a working example of open field farming?


  • The revised National Curriculum encourages the following:

"Curriculum opportunities: appreciate and evaluate, through visits where possible, the role of museums, galleries, archives and historic sites in preserving, presenting and influencing people’s attitudes towards the past"



Outline Starter

  • In 1981 the Laxton estate was purchased from the Ministry of Agriculture by the Crown Estate Commissioners. On purchase, the Commissioners gave a Parliamentary undertaking of their intention to continue the Open Field System (England's only remaining example) and associated customs.
  • Ask the key question: WHY is Laxton protected and maintained?


  • Investigate and promote a local historical site worthy of preservation
  • Use the brochures, flyers, leaflets and websites of existing sites for creative inspiration
  • Produce display boards detailing the historical value of their chosen site and explain why this particular piece of heritage is important locally and nationally
  • Present to the class or year group or school

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