School of Mathematical Sciences

Quantum Mathematics: Alastair Grant-Stuart (Nottingham)

Physics B13
Wednesday 19th October 2022 (14:00-15:00)

Robert Laugwitz (organizer)


Quantum Maths Seminar, external speaker.

Speaker: Alastair Grant-Stuart (University of Nottingham)

Title: Lie-Jordan formulations of algebraic quantum theories

Abstract: Abstract: In algebraic approaches to quantum mechanics and QFT, collections of observables are typically modelled as complex *-algebras (with additional structure). I'll describe an alternative formulation that uses real Lie-Jordan algebras instead, and demonstrate that any algebraic QFT formulated with complex $C^*$-algebras of observables has an equivalent description with real Lie-Jordan-Banach algebras of observables. I'll conclude with some speculative discussion on the uses and merits of the Lie-Jordan formulation.

One-hour in-person talk

School of Mathematical Sciences

The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

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